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YouTube Blocked: Watch Youtube Videos using Unblock YouTube Proxy site

Youtube no doubt is the biggest Video Sharing Site but watching those video needs a Broadband Connection. In such a situation most of us preferred to watch Youtube Video in their offices or institution but the problem comes when we get to know that watching Youtube videos is barred at those places because the server admins has blocked access to this site.

Though admins are right at their end because majority of the stuffs over the Youtube site is meant for entertainment purpose but there are still many video which are very informative….. now what to do to watch these videos….

So if you have caught in such a situation then why not use a proxy site to access blocked Youtube… if this seems OK then you can use Unblock Youtube Proxy to access it.

Unblock Youtube proxy site:

1. Simply go to Unblock Youtube proxy site .

2. Then enter in text box adjacent to “NEXT” and click on “NEXT”.

3. Thats it. Now, you can use this unblock Youtube proxy to unblock Youtube blocked at school.

This is free proxy site so try out let your experience known to us using comments… enjoy watching videos….

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